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Enrichment Programs for Earth  and Humanity: Creating a Model For Our Future

Children today face major environmental challenges and an ever accelerating pace of life. When it is their time to face the consequences of  the previous generations, we like to think they will stand for our planet and change our human story to one of compassion and stewardship of Mother Earth. Yet, research has shown that they are spending less time than ever outdoors, and are given barely any time to build that intimate relationship with nature.

At Akahiao, we have designed our programs to bring people away from the everyday hustle and bustle into a reflective space of action and of collective creativity.  Our mission is to foster a loving relationship between humanity and Mother Earth. 

Our programs focus on three basic foundations of a good relationship – time/attention, understanding and communication.


  • Time/Attention – Number one key to a strong relationship is spending time together. We spend most of our time outdoors in contact with nature - we sleep outside, play outside, eat outside, learn outside and drink tea outside.


  • Understanding – we can only love when we understand one another. Learning the relationship we have with nature is embedded in each course through our emphasis on food cycles and place based sciences.  Participants will experience first hand growing food and harvesting the food, preparing the meals and eating together. 


  • Communication – having a strong communication is a basic to building a strong relationship. We provide our participants with ways to listen as well as speak to nature through giving thanks.


 Every program is intended to nourish the body and soul.  At KEEP, students will learn about regenerative agriculture using permaculture principals, and learn to prepare healthy meals for each other, creating a culture of giving and feeling good. We will  explore the health benefits of food and its role in maintaining a healthy body and mind.


With an eco-centric perspective, collaboration is a network of life-systems that create an amazing system that sustains all life. Students will learn to collaborate with one another, and also learn to collaborate with the greater landscapes through working outdoors, fostering a unique understanding of how we are integrated into this wonderful world.


We will explore human intervention of nature as a form of artistic human expression.  By honoring our artistic skills, we are able to give back to the planet in a beneficial way. Letting our imagination unleash itself, while also learning to understand how it has shaped the world around us.

“the world without its relationship is less than a world”

John Dewey

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