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Antonio Wuttke

Landscape Artist & Permaculture Specialist

Antonio has been working as an independent consultant on a wide variety of land restoration and building projects since 1990, applying low-impact methods, and developing innovative ecological land management strategies.

A background in landscape architecture, 35 years of experience as a builder & farmer living close to the land, and projects in diverse environments and social contexts combine to a unique understanding of the human place on the planet.

Projects include:

- Vegetation- and biomass management in coastal California

- Permaculture-based reforestation in coastal Jalisco, MX

- Equestrian landscapes, ponds & stonewalls, in New England

- Orchard management (& Old World Integrity) in Germany

- Preservation of olive groves in Toscana and Liguria, Italy

- Passive solar homes -- design & construction

- Roof Gardens in New York City

- Hawaiian ranch-to-farm conversion (since Spring 2014)

The wide-ranging interactions with land, soil, and vegetation have consistently confirmed that the best designs interpret and echo nature and local preexisting conditions, rather than aim at control. The most beautiful environments are 'sustainable' by being solidly anchored in natural processes, rather than imposed from the outside. The experiences have led him to the insights and ecological methods that Antonio applies in his projects today.

Antonio's work intends to help re-define human interaction with nature, replacing impositions of ego and preconceived notions with sequences of adaptive responses.

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