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Julie Rogers


Julie’s passion is to help humanity change the course of her story. Her current work is creating an immersive learning center to model the future - a future where humans have a symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth. She began her career in the lab, a DNA sequencing center at the Whitehead Institute. Feeling uneasy with being indoors and the culture of laboratories, she moved to Hawaii and began her work in Environmental Science. There she was faced with an alarming extent of pollution from human activity beneath the surface of paradise. Her career in education began with a mentorship program under the guidance of John Stokes in the Tracking Project. There she learned about indigenous philosophies and realized much was missing from our education system. She became a student at APLP G11, during which she began her volunteer work at the Gross National Happiness Center in Bhutan and volunteered as an educator at the Green School. She has since been working on her degree in education at the University of Hawaii, served on the board of Hawaii Nature Center for 9 years and crewed the Hokule'a on her world wide voyage.

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