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Marine Dupuis

Lead Teacher

“I truly believe that a school’s mission isn’t to teach knowledge, but to provide children with the opportunity to reach out within themselves to solve problems, in the safety of adults’ non-invasive observation : child-led education.”
Marine is a preschool teacher, mother, athlete and artist from France. She was born and raised in France and moved to Hawai’i Island 5 years ago. She is passionate about all things education and early childhood development. This passion started very early in her life and, with it, the desire to learn more about unconventional teaching methods rooted in empathy, compassion and understanding of the keiki. In 2016 she completed her master’s degree in Education and Teaching, with a specialty in early childhood brain development and psychology. She also completed her 5 year training in the public school system. She became a mother in 2019 - with this new role, her will to contribute to her community as a teacher only grew and she is excited to take an integral role in the Keiki Program at 'Akahiao Nature Institute. Sne envisions a program rooted in Hawaiian wisdom, where we bring our keiki back to their source - the ‘aina, themselves, and the genius of their own body and inner knowing.

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