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aloha aina immersion program

March 13 to  16

Ages 11 - 13

This overnight immersion program is designed to foster a meaningful relationship between our youth and nature through regenerative farming practices, farm to table experiences, kilo-based science, life-skill lessons and giving thanks.


Our programs focus on three basic foundations of a good relationship – time/attention, understanding, and communication.


  • Time/Attention – Number one key to a strong relationship is spending time together. We provide our participants with ample time to be outdoors and be in contact with nature. We sleep outside, play outside, eat outside, learn outside and drink tea outside.


  • Understanding – Learning how we relate to nature is embedded in each course through our emphasis on food cycles and kilo-based sciences. Participants will experience first hand, growing and harvesting food, preparing meals and eating together – from the seed to your seat.


  • Communication – Encouraging strong communication is a basic building block to maintaining strong relationships. We provide our participants with ways to observe the natural world as well as engaging with nature through giving thanks.


Aloha ʻAina Immersion Program is designed to engage our body, mind and spirit. We believe that all human beings possess a balance of all three, and that it is only by being able to navigate all three components of the self are we able to realize our full potential.

To secure your child's space in the camp, please email us and we will follow up with a registration form.


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