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Located on the Western slope of Hualalai on the Big Island of Hawaii, Huehue Ranch was established in 1886 by Avery John Maguire as one of the three oldest and largest ranches in Hawaii. With the changing of times and under the direction of the current owner, the ranch has been converted into an experiential learning center for ecological designs and environmental stewardship. The vision is to be a model for the future—a place where people and nature live as one and take care of each other in a mutually beneficial way. A sanctuary for those who want to escape the modern society and reestablish confidence that our world can run on different values; love and respect for one another, a deep connection with the natural world, gratitude for this beautiful world we are in, and the spirit of collaboration. 

Huehue is a place that can realize this ‘new’ way of living on this planet. A beating heart of a community, paving the way to a preferred future for the generations to come.


Our lush, biodynamic garden has been created by our master landscape artist, converting rocky trampled earth into fertile soil using organic matter found right on the property. Designed for human-nature integration, a walk through the garden is an adventure full of discovery, wonder and sizzling engagement.


Significance of Our Place

Our place –

Planet Earth, Pacific Ocean, Hawaii Island, Hualalai mountain,

Huehue Ranch

Our place –

Confluence of East, West and Indigenous cultures

Our place –

Integral part of Earth community

Our Place –


How we will place in the marvelous story of creation on this planet

is up to us.


Places hold memories, memories of those who took care of the land, of the successive plants and animals that sculpted it and of its geological origins. Within that memory the human one is but a tiny fraction, yet we have the capability to comprehend the big picture. Thus, we have a special place in the earth’s memory palace, as we are able to imagine and remember all of the manifestations she took in arriving to this place today. 



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