Changing world view from the outside in. 

At Akahiao, we create programs that change the way we view the world, putting nature in the center. We have designed our space and activities in order to reestablish our interconnectedness with all elements of nature in order to gracefully meet the challenges of our changing world. 

All of our programs strive to meet the holistic needs of every child to live a purposeful life, engaged in matters of sustainable tomorrow. We work to equip our children with adaptive skills, leadership skills, self-efficacy and most of all, compassion through immersion in the natural world. The curriculum is interdisciplinary and experiential, integrating lessons from environmental education, leadership education, indigenous education and place-conscious education. 


We take pride in the quality of care we provide to each participant and take our nourishment seriously. Our meals are prepared using the freshest ingredients, harvested from our own biodynamic garden.