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Aloha Nā Keiki

SEP. 3 - 5          AGES 9 - 12         $250

This overnight camp was established to embrace the spirit of aloha - aloha for ourselves, each other, and our natural world. Our activities are based on having fun outdoors and igniting our sense of play, while honing in on our explorative skills and kilo (observation). Aloha Nā Keiki is dedicated to the wellbeing of our keiki and their relationships moving outward and forward. 


The meaning and essence of aloha is to exchange hā or the “breath” and thus the concept of reciprocity. It is this concept that emphasizes the intention of this camp. We hope nā keiki will gain a deeper sense of appreciation for all relations in life and learn how to practice giving and receiving aloha and mahalo in all we do. There will be a daily aloha circle, gratitude practice, and appreciation reflection.

The keiki will learn about food growing in the gardens, enjoy the bounty of our ʻāina while reciprocating with our mahalo and explore the natural world at Huehue Ranch.

To register for the camp, please email us at

We are fully booked for this course. Mahalo!

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