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restore that which sustains us

October 3 - 7

4 nights, 5 days

Application  Deadline:9/16


Hoʻihoʻi I Ka ʻĀina - a scholarship funded program offered by ANI designed for youth in West Hawaiʻi to take place during the autumn break period of 2022. This 4-night 5 day course will focus on developing our youthʻs sense of self and their sense of place using the core theme of “Restoration". 


The emphasis of our ‘Hoʻihoʻi I Ka ʻĀina’ will be upon an ‘immersion into Nature’. The lush, historic setting of Hu’ehuʻe Ranch provides the backdrop for nature inspired activities, value-driven exercises, consensus building projects, and simply being outside of walls. Throughout our time we’ll explore our own histories and dig deeper into what makes for a purposeful existence within the self and within a community. The program will conclude with designing a prototype of an organization/company/business committed to moving the needle on the Aloha Challenge. 


Hoʻihoʻi or the concept of ‘Restoration’ is a concept often unmentioned when envisioning the future, but we feel it is one of the most important concepts in advocating a healthy movement forward for humanity. According to the United Nations, the Age of Ecosystem Restoration has begun with the start of 2021 with many scientists advocating and insisting that 2021 - 2030 time period is our last chance to prevent the catastrophic effects of climate change from inextricably altering humanity’s present trajectory. With this program we intend on inspiring our youth to face these challenges head-on with courage, creativity and connectedness through aloha and mahalo. 



Program Content and Outcomes

The program consists of three interwoven developmental themes: Nature Connectedness, Authentic Leadership, and Architects of the Future. The developmental units will build upon the concept of the self as an individual, a community member, and finally as architects of the future.

Nature Connectedness 

The mission of the program is to connect kids with nature and help foster a meaningful relationship with the natural world - and by extension ourselves and our place in the natural world. Three main elements in building a strong relationship include time spent together, effective communication, and a deep sense of understanding/empathy. The program will focus  upon these three aspects through an immersion into the natural world, an immersion into the full cycle of food growth, production, and processing, and developing ‘kilo’ or observation and communication to read signs in nature and reciprocate by giving thanks. Amidst this, our group will be guided through the history and ‘moʻolelo’ of the space around them.


Authentic Leadership 

Hawaii, being a center point between Asia and the Americas and the head of the Pacific, will play a pivotal role in the coming century to determine the ways of the world. We strive to help our participants explore who they are, what they value and become a human being who is connected, loving, and caring towards the self and all forms of life. Our program is dedicated to promote within our youth, the ability to immerse and lead through moments of adversity with grace and commitment.


Architects of the Future - Aloha Challenge

With signs of climate change seen all around us, it is imperative that we mobilize to mitigate its effects. In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals seat forth by the UN as a call to action to the entire planet, we will guide our cohort to empathize and design solutions to meet the challenges. Through the process we hope our participants will gain self-efficacy and insight into the world at large.

Aloha Challenge topics include:

  • Clean Energy Transformation

  • Local Food Production

  • Natural Resource Management

  • Solid Waste Reduction

  • Smart, Sustainable Communities


Daily Activities

Day 1: Sense of Place: Wahipana 

Meet the team and learn about the history of Huehue Ranch and Akahiao’s guiding philosophies. Enjoy unstructured time exploring our natural surroundings, settle into our home for the next 5 days and get to know your companions. Spend the evening creating a charter to guide the experience of the coming days.


  • Oli 

  • Forest Walk - kilo & moʻolelo (3hr)

  • Orientation (1hr)

  • Charter building (1hr)

  • “Where Iʻm from” Poem (1hr)

  • Farm to Table dinner (3 hr)


Day 2: Sense of Self: Naʻau

Discover our strengths and find our center.  Take the Strengthfinder test and discover your strengths and how that can be utilized in working as a team. 

  • Garden tour & harvest (3 hr)

  • River of Life and My Past (1 hr)

  • Values Workshop (1 hr)

  • Strengthsfinder (1 hr)

  • Farm to Table (3 hr)

  • Reflections of the Day(1 hr)


Day 3: Sense of Connection/Direction: Akua 

Take time to understand where we are in our life, what moves us forward and where we are in relation to the greater world. 

  • Garden work (1 hr)

  • Archery (2 hr)

  • River of Life and My Present (1 hr)

  • Values Workshop 2:  what moves you and why? Vision Board (1 hr)

  • Introduction to Aloha Challenge (1 hr)

  • Farm to Table (3 hr)

  • Movie night & Our Power of Choice




Day 4: Sense of Challenge: Laulima

Choose the Aloha Challenge you will tackle and dive into collective team work. 

  • Garden harvest (2 hr)

  • Archery (2 hr)

  • Marshmallow Challenge (1 hr)

  • Design workshop - Aloha Challenge project (3 hr)

  • Prepared Dinner


Day 5: Sense of Innovation: Imua

Our last day together, complete and present each group project. 


  • A.M. Clean-up 

  • Presenting the Aloha Challenge project

  • Treasure Hunt afternoon

  • 3 - 4PM pick up

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