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Service Learning Projects and

Volunteer Days

Our daytime programs seek to bring our community together to engage with our ʻaina. Our activities have ranged from ungulate habitat reduction, food forest out planting, old fence removal, fun forest management practices, education of invasive species, fire hazards removal, water catchment lining rollout to native crop planting.


We are currently focused on Native Forest Restoration.

Native Forest Restoration

The intention of this project is to reforest the upper acres of Huʻehuʻe with native flora that previously existed in the region. We seek to find an approach that is organic and allows the native and introduced species to coexist with one another. We envision this project to be a place-based, bio-cultural, educational effort that will involve the private and public sector to accomplish. Our mission is to source native plants from the area, and out-plant them with groups that are interested in environmental action. 

Our sessions are open to any who are interested in joining. Registration is required prior to arrival.


To hear about our upcoming program days, sign up on our bi-monthly newsletter.

If you would like to organize a day for a group, please email us through the button below.

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