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Nahele Louallier

Garden Activity Coordinator

Born and raised here in Hawai’i, Nahele moved to a remote island in Alaska where she spent two decades helping to run a lodge and raise a family. There, the dark and stark winters sparked her love affair with nursing her own gardens. She began her first garden while working at the lodge, and eventually grew enough plants to feed their guests. She brings with her her experience and knowledge in the art of hospitality, groundskeeping and her love for the land.

“The imagination of children is endless. I believe if they are shown the door they will unlock a wonderful relationship with the natural world……Through our keiki we can see what we couldn’t or wouldn’t before, with eyes wide open and full of wonder”

Nahele will help integrate our essential outdoor food components (along with a sense of wonder) into each and every group of individuals and help us to establish what matters. Whether that be with food harvesting, planting healing native plants, or curating and feeding the soils, she will have her hands and intentions intertwined with ours.

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