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WEL Decelerator

Women's Emerging Leadership Decelerator

Journey into the self

Discover your truths 


Women's Emerging Leadership (WEL) Decelerator is created to give our hard-working women a space to reflect and rejuvenate mentally, physically and spiritually. We will explore the role of the feminine in our society today, and exercise our will to find purpose. Women have worked so hard to achieve (almost) equality in society, and now is the time to take care of ourselves. Our belief is that in order to go the last mile, we must embrace our feminine power and share that with the greater society. It is what we have been missing in order to change the course of humanity on this earth. Slow down, meditate and contemplate. Make lotions from natural oils, take charge of your own beauty regimen. Do away with chemicals that disrupt our cycles and celebrate the moon that nurses it. Eat from the land, create a space of safety and where we can exhale, and then inhale new, vibrant clean air. Get well. Find gratitude, love and healing. 

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