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A learning center embedded in place, dedicated to a sustainable future. 

We are looking to expand our team. We are driven, caring and hard working - but also know how to have fun too. All of us are here because we believe in the vision of creating a model for our future, a future where we are connected to the natural world.


Join my class!

We are starting a nature-inspired preschool starting August 2023 for keiki 2 - 5 years old!

Upcoming Programs:


June 13 - July 17

Partner Program

Rustic Pathways: hawaiʻi service

Rustic Pathways will return for their 4th year this summer with their action-packed program! We will partner with them to provide some key activities while on island.

Pink Earth


We promise we will send no more than one email a week. Through our email list we will send you information on upcoming events, overnight programs and outdoor day programs.

We'll be in touch!

"This experience impacted me in many ways. I saw a different point of view from the world and not only through getting to be apart of nature (outside) everyday, but through storytelling and culture that everyone there shared with us. It also showed me how to treat my body with the right food and nutrients."

— Youth Participant

"I learned and was also reminded that, "The sky is the limit." During the activities, I have noticed how alike and different I am from everyone around me, and that to be unique and special in any way is a blessing and we should embrace them."

— Youth Participant

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