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Some Spring, Some Greek, and Some 'Flight'

Food, where it’s from, how it's prepared and sourced, and the places it ends up, are all areas that interest us. At our one of our latest three-day food indulgent camps, we focused on the basics of food and trying to maintain an easy line from garden and fields onto plates. An intrepid group of students from Kealakehe High School in nearby Kona got the flames up and running, harvested from the fields, and got their hands busy with a Greek feast with Chef Demetrios Papatriantafylou.

Tzaziki and Pita bread were made from scratch, and a freshly and humanely harvested sheep from nearby friends would all end up on the table. Fresh local eggs from our own Hue Hue from scratch made by the students encourages a respect of the efforts and of the process of taking ingredients and melding them into something epic. The process also makes it clear what it means to “make one’s meal” as opposed to simply buying a meal.

The process also involves firing up our beloved pizza oven which serves so many purposed. Beginning the fire early in the morning with either Kiawe or Ironwood, by noon the heat has distributed itself throughout the entire outdoor oven and we are ready to cook, roast, fry….

To supplement the culinary highlights, we threw in a meditative archery session with “Letumfly" and some time with the all encompassing strengths and elements of bamboo.

Each workshop involves the outdoors and each involved using the hands and mind to find unity both with the ‘outer’ and with the inner worlds.

Welcoming Spring at Akahiao Nature Institute


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